Personal Information Protection Policy

Ifome LLC ("Ifome") provides, through a variety of media, including information magazines, the Internet, mobile devices, various chances for companies and individuals, continue providing good quality of service and make contribution to the society.
In operating its business, Ifome handles the personal information of a large number of customers and employees. Therefore, Ifome has established this Policy and a personal information management system based on its Code of Ethics, through which Ifome, as a company, is committed to realizing the responsible handling of personal information.

1. Ifome will, to the extent possible, specify the purposes of use of the personal information, and will properly handle the personal information within the scope necessary to achieve such purposes. Ifome will take measures to ensure the prevention of any use of the personal information other than for the intended purposes of use.

2. Ifome will obtain personal information only through legitimate and appropriate means.

3. Ifome will not provide any third party with the personal information of any individual without the consent of such individual.

4. In managing personal information, Ifome will make efforts to take all necessary and appropriate measures to ensure the prevention and correction of any leakage, loss or damage of the personal information, as well as the otherwise secure management of the personal information.

5. In handling personal information, Ifome will make efforts to ensure that the individual who has provided the information may properly be involved in the handling process, and make efforts to keep the personal information accurate and updated to the extent possible.

6. Ifome will comply with laws and regulations pertaining to the protection of personal information, and establish, continuously review and comply with its internal rules pertaining to the protection of personal information.

7. Ifome will have a section for responding to complaints and consultations concerning the protection of personal information and make efforts to properly respond to such complaints and consultations.

Ifome LLC
CEO Ichiro Yada

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Regarding the handling of personal information

Ifome LLC ("Ifome") shall respect the privacy of each person ("User") who uses this website ("the Services") and shall handle the personal information (as defined below) of all Users with the utmost care in the management thereof.

Personal information
Personal information means information concerning a User as an individual, which can identify the User based on the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, educational institution, or other descriptions, etc. constituting such information. In addition, any information which cannot identify the User solely by itself but can easily be cross-referenced with other information and, as a result thereof, can identify the User, is also included in the scope of personal information.

Purpose of use of personal information
Ifome shall use personal information only for the following purposes, and shall not use any personal information beyond these purposes of use:

(The purposes of use of personal information that is directly obtained, other than by way of writing)
Performance of entrusted services such as call center services;
Communication based on publicized information such as those in publications or on the Internet, etc.;

(The purposes of use of personal information that is subject to disclosure)
Response to comments and inquiries received concerning services; and
Distribution of notices and announcements relating to recruitment and hiring.

Voluntary nature of provision of personal information
Users who fail to enter information in each of the items required for the performance of the respective services constituting the Services may not be able to receive such respective services.

Provision of personal information to third parties
Ifome, as a general rule, does not provide any third party with any User's personal information without the consent of such User. Ifome provides third parties with personal information only if it has obtained the User's consent thereto, specifying the party to whom the information is to be disclosed and the content of information to be disclosed. However, Ifome may provide personal information without the User's consent within the scope not conflicting with related laws and regulations, where any of the following applies:

Ifome considers that the User will cause disadvantage to a third party;
Providing such personal information is specifically necessary for the improvement of public health or the sound growth of children, and obtaining approval therefor from the User is difficult;
It is necessary to cooperate with a governmental organization or a local government, or a person designated by the same in the performance of administrative work prescribed by laws or regulations, and obtaining the consent of the User thereto will likely hinder the performance of such administrative work;
The disclosure of the personal information is required by a court, public prosecutor's office, police or any other organization having similar authority;
User has expressly requested that his/her personal information be disclosed or provided to third parties;
It is permitted by law or regulations to disclose or provide the personal information; or
The personal information is provided in connection with a business succession due to merger or otherwise, to the extent that the personal information is handled within the scope of the purposes of use applicable prior to such succession.

Disclaimer concerning the provision of personal information to third parties
Ifome will not be responsible for the acquisition of personal information by a third party where any of the following applies:

A User indicates his/her own personal information to a specific company, using any function under the Services or by other means (As for the handling of personal information in the Service Using Companies, etc., please directly make inquiries to each of the Service Using Companies, etc.);
A User is unexpectedly identified by any activities or other information entered by the User under the Services;
A User provides personal information to, and the User's personal information is used at, an external site linked by the Services; or
Anyone other than a User obtains the User's information (ID, password, etc.) which can identify the User as an individual.

Outsourcing of personal information processing
Ifome may outsource personal information handling in part or in whole. Ifome shall be responsible for the handling of personal information by the party to which such work is outsourced.

Use of statistically-processed data
Ifome may, based on personal information provided to it, create statistical data which shall be processed in a manner that cannot identify any individual. Ifome may, without restriction, use such statistical data that cannot identify individuals.

Modifications, etc. to personal information
As a general rule, only the User himself/herself can request notification regarding the "purposes of use of the personal information," or any disclosure or correction of, addition to, deletion or suspension of his/her registered personal information, or the provision thereof to third parties. For specific methods, please click here. However, Ifome may not agree to disclose the personal information where any of the following applies:

The disclosure is likely to cause damage to the life, limb, property or other rights or interests of the User or any third party;
The disclosure is likely to considerably hinder the proper performance of the Services; or
The disclosure would constitute a violation of any other laws or regulations.

Furthermore, Ifome may not agree to comply with such request if the suspension of such personal information or the discontinuance of the provision thereof to a third party ("Suspension, etc.") will inevitably lead to excessive costs, or conducting the relevant Suspension, etc. is otherwise difficult, and instead Ifome ensures that necessary alternative measures are taken for the protection of the rights and interests of the User.

Accuracy of personal information
Ifome shall make efforts to accurately process the personal information provided to it. However, Users shall be responsible for ensuring that the personal information they provide is accurate and up-to-date.

Restrictions on acquisition of sensitive personal information
Ifome, as a general rule, shall not obtain any User's personal information which contains any of the following information, unless the personal information has been provided by the User himself/herself:

Information relating to personal philosophy, belief or religion;
Information relating to race, ethnic background, family background, domicile (except for information on the prefecture where the User is located), physical or mental disability or criminal record or other matters that may cause social discrimination;
Information relating to the right to organize, or any acts of collective bargaining or other collective actions as a worker;
Information relating to participation in acts of mass demonstration, exercise of petition rights or other political rights; or
Information relating to health and medical conditions or sex life.

In the event of a membership registration for web services, or the use of such services by a member, or Ifome's response to a User's request for the disclosure, correction, deletion, or discontinuance of use of such User's personal information, Ifome shall verify the relevant individual's identity based on information that can identify such individual (i.e., name, address, telephone number, date of birth, e-mail address, member ID number, password, etc.). However, Ifome shall not be responsible in the event of any third party obtaining and using information that can identify the relevant individual.

Acquisition or use of attribute information, terminal information, location information and action history records, etc.
Cookies, etc., among the attribute information, terminal information, location information and action history records, etc. ("Action History Records, etc."):
Reruit Holdings uses Cookies for User privacy protection, increased convenience, distribution of advertisements, and acquisition of statistical data. In addition, Reruit Holdings may obtain, using Cookies, JavaScript and other technology, attribute information such as age, gender, occupation and residential area, etc., which cannot identify the individual (limited to those attributes which cannot identify the individual by a combination thereof), as well as Users' action history records within the website of the Services (such as URLs and content accessed and the order in which such URLs and content were viewed) as well as location information based on Users' consent/application at the time of use of smart phones, etc., among the information provided by the User. However, no personal information shall be included in the Cookies or Action History Records, etc. In addition, the Services use action targeting advertisement services in order to distribute appropriate advertisements to Users.

Access logs, etc., among Action History Records, etc., in the following case:
When a User uses the Services by logging into the same, Reruit Holdings may, upon identifying the identity of such User, distribute/display advertisements, contents, etc., and provide the Services by way of using the Action History Records, etc., prior to such log-in by the User.

Person responsible for management of personal information
Ifome LLC
Public Relations Dept. Senior Manager

For any inquiries concerning personal information, please contact us.

Modifications to Privacy Policy
Unless otherwise prescribed in laws and regulations, etc., Ifome shall be entitled to modify this Privacy Policy from time to time.



1. 個人情報の利用の目的をできる限り特定し、当該目的の達成に必要な範囲内で適切に取扱います。また、目的外利用を行なわないための措置を講じます。

2. 個人情報は、適法かつ適正な方法で取得します。

3. 個人情報は、本人の同意なく第三者に提供しません。

4. 個人情報の管理にあたっては、漏洩・滅失・毀損の防止及び是正、その他の安全管理のために必要かつ適切な措置を講じるよう努めます。

5. 個人情報の取扱いにあたっては、その情報を提供した本人が適切に関与し得るよう努め、可能な限り正確かつ最新の内容に保つよう努力します。

6. 個人情報保護に関する法令を遵守し、また個人情報保護に関する社内規程を定め、継続的な見直しを行い遵守します。

7. 個人情報保護に関する苦情及び相談に対応する窓口を設けて、適切に対応するよう努めます。

代表取締役社長 矢田 一郎






個人情報の利用目的は以下の通りです。利用目的を超えて利用することはありません。 〔直接書面以外により取得する個人情報の利用目的〕
A. コールセンターなどの受託業務遂行のため
B. 刊行物やインターネット等の公開情報をもとにしたご連絡
C. サービスに関するご意見、お問い合わせへの回答
D. 採用に関する各種連絡・お知らせの配信


A. ユーザーが第三者に不利益を及ぼすと判断した場合
B. 公衆衛生の向上または児童の健全な育成の推進のために特に必要がある場合であって、ユーザーご本人の承諾を得ることが困難である場合
C. 国の機関若しくは地方公共団体またはその委託を受けた者が法令の定める事務を遂行することに対して協力する必要がある場合で、ユーザーご本人の同意を得ることによりその事務の遂行に支障を及ぼすおそれがある場合
D. 裁判所、検察庁、警察またはこれらに準じた権限を有する機関から、個人情報についての開示を求められた場合
E. ユーザーご本人から明示的に第三者への開示または提供を求められた場合
F. 法令により開示または提供が許容されている場合
G. 合併その他の事由による事業の承継に伴い個人情報を提供する場合であって、承継前の利用目的の範囲で取り扱われる場合

以下の場合は、第三者による個人情報の取得に関し、アイフォームは何らの責任を負いません。 A. ユーザー自らが当サイトの機能または別の手段を用いて利用企業等に個人情報を明らかにする場合(なお、利用企業等における個人情報の取扱いについては、各利用企業に直接お問合せください)
A. ユーザー自らが当サイトの機能または別の手段を用いて利用企業等に個人情報を明らかにする場合(なお、利用企業等における個人情報の取扱いについては、各利用企業に直接お問合せください)
B. 当サイトに入力した情報により、期せずして本人が特定できてしまった場合
C. 当サイトからリンクされる外部サイトにおいて、ユーザーより個人情報が提供され、またそれが利用された場合
D. ユーザー本人以外がユーザー個人を識別できる情報(ID・パスワード等)を入手した場合




A. ユーザー本人または第三者の生命、身体、財産その他の権利・利益を害するおそれがある場合
B. 当サイトの適正な実施に著しい支障を及ぼすおそれがある場合
C. 他の法令に違反することとなる場合



A. 思想、信条及び宗教に関する事項
B. 人種、民族、門地、本籍地(所在都道府県に関する情報を除く)、身体・精神障害、犯罪歴、その他社会的差別の原因となる事項
C. 勤労者の団結権、団体交渉及びその他団体行動の行為に関する事項
D. 集団示威行為への参加、請願権の行使、及びその他政治的権利の行使に関する事項
E. 保健医療及び性生活




アイフォーム株式会社 広報部 部長